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Savings Catcher FAQs – Program Discontinuation
When is Savings Catcher going away?
Savings Catcher will be discontinued nationwide. The last day to submit a Walmart Pay eReceipt to Savings Catcher for processing will be May 14, 2019.
Why is Walmart discontinuing Savings Catcher?
We designed Savings Catcher as a means to catch occasions when a competitor’s price on a nationally advertised item was found to be lower than what you paid for it at Walmart. Since the introduction of the program, we’ve worked hard to lower prices on thousands of everyday items across our stores, which has resulted in our prices winning the vast majority of the time when you submit receipts to Savings Catcher.

This tells us that the program’s intent has been met, which was to provide you upfront with everday low prices so that you and your family can save money and live better.
What happens to the money on my Savings Catcher eGift Card?
The balance of your Savings Catcher eGift Card will remain on your card until you choose to spend it. There is no time by which you need to spend your rewards.
How can I spend my Savings Catcher rewards?
You may spend your Savings Catcher eGift Card in-store or online.
  • In-store
    • Use Walmart Pay to spend your Savings Catcher rewards dollars in your store. For an explanation of how you can use Walmart Pay in-store, see here.
    • Your Savings Catcher eGift Card will be automatically populated to your account, once you earn rewards
    • This eGift Card may be used when making a purchase
      • In step 3 of check-out when entering payment method, select "gift card" and apply our Savings Catcher eGift Card
      • The remaining balance will be paid via your selected credit or debit card
How do I find my Savings Catcher eGift Card balance?
You may find the balance of your eGift Card in the following ways:
  • Walmart app
    • Under "Account" tap "Payment Methods"
    • Your Savings Catcher eGift Card with balance is located in the "Walmart Gift Cards" section
    • Log in to your account
    • Click "My Account"
    • Click "Gift Cards" under the "Manage Account" section
Can I still scan my paper receipts in the Walmart app for my digital records?
Yes, you can still scan your receipts into the Walmart app to keep a record of your purchase history, easily re-order your essentials or start a Mobile Express return.
  • Tap the bar code icon at the top of your homescreen to open the scanner and scan your receipt

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Enter or scan your receipt

Click 'Submit Receipt' from your eReceipt, enter your receipt number, or scan your receipt barcode in the Savings Catcher section of the Walmart app.

We compare prices

We'll match the price of local competitors' advertisements for an eligible identical product.

You get the difference

If Savings Catcher finds a lower advertised price, you get the difference on your Savings Catcher eGift card.